Founding Statement

Delivered by Tlakaelel at the first meeting of the International Confederation of Kalpultin at Watuppa, Reservation of the Wampanoag Nation, Massachussetts, USA

3 July, 1994

This is a very important moment in our history. Once again we unite people from all the directions to give body, to give strength to the work that remained inconclusive. Five hundred and two years ago our grandfathers were struggling so that there should be a great confederation, the confederation of man, mankind, of the cosmic man. And, now we return again as was predicted by Kuahtemok when the invasion was to arrive in 1519. It is up to us that the work shall continue.

We believe that now we are many, enough to give formality to our confederation of kalpultin. This will be the root, the foot of the great confederation. We return again with the spirit of brotherhood, fraternity, above all -- human solidarity. The end that we search for is not to confront any government, it's not against any color of any of the people; this is precisely what we are against. We want once again for the return of th e spirit of the forefathers whosignalled us that we should love all, to respect all. Each one of thegroups that you represent will in no way be compromised. The groups will remain autonomous, self-governing, and self-sufficient. We only come together for meetings to achieve that the work can be done as quickly as possible.

We are at a level of worldwide emergency. And, when there is an emergency is when we forget hate, envy, and we see each other as we are -- all brothers, sisters. And, we don't wait for these difficult moments to arrive. We see that this world is in danger of dying. It is now time to do something. Our strength will be that each group, like each person, does his part in the great work. And, to avoid duplicity of effort, it is better that we may unite, and we share the work. We see here different kalpullis and different knowledge, different potentials, and the only thing that unites us is the desire to do what the grandfathers have asked of us: to unite, to make a better world; unite to be able to confront the problems. The grandfathers set forth an example. We get a little stem like this; we can break it very easily. But, if we get together a bunch of them, then we can't break them. Union, that's the strength.

We ask the Great Spirit, and the spirits of the ancestors because they are contemplating us there from someplace, we ask that they give us their blessings, that they give us their strength, their intelligence so that all the problems that we may have in the future we may resolve in a good way. And, that no group and no man tries to control the rest of the groups; that we may be capable of remembering that our groups are free. Like men are born, we are born free. And, we must respect this liberty. We just come together to be strong so that one day, when no longer are we present here in this world, the generations of the future shall live in a better world. This is all. We do not wish to take the power. We don't want to get rid of the government. We want to live in peace and in harmony with the Great Spirit. We will all repeat: Creator, help us, give us inspiration, teach us to be humble, that we not faint along the road. Help us in the difficult moments, help us in the easy moments, permit that all of us to find happiness in the smiles of the children, y entodas las manifestaciones de vida aqui en Tonantzin Tlalli, nustra Madre Tierra. Make our hearts be filled with love. Give us much strength Great Spirit that we may continue the work of our grandfathers. Ho. Tiahui! Tiahui! Tiahui! Tiahui!