Kalpulli Ketzalkoatl


Kalpulli Ketzalkoatl is dedicated to applying the wisdom of traditional indigenous cultures to modern scientific investigations. We are organized in colaboration with other kalpultin and aligned organizations who are utilizing scientific methodologies to unravel the collective history of our planet, to understand the cosmic forces that sustain life on Mother Earth, and to foster the evolution of the human consciousness along the Red Road. Our kalpulli is also deeply involved in public education and the dissemination of information for all levels of scientific understanding. Our goal is to help people realize the sacredness of all life and to foster commitment to the well-being of future generations. We openly welcome all individuals of the four sacred colors and realize the great wealth of knowledge resulting from multicultural exchange.

Project: Stone rubbings of the Boriken Petroglyphs




photo © 1996 Stephen Schoff